Who are we?

Aulas Abiertas  is a nonprofit association  created by the Alumni of Amor de Dios School in Vigo (Spain) in 1996 with registration number  G-27794445.

Our goal is to help children without distinction of race or religion and defend their right to HEALTH and EDUCATION.

Where we work

Our activity takes place in Cajamarca, a region of Northern Peru, lined by the Andes. This is one of the poorest areas of the country.

In Cajamarca, many villages don´t have any electricity, water or sanitation. In most cases, there are no healthcare services or public transportation to get to a hospital.

Children walk for hours to get to the school and, in many cases, they must also work to
help their families. The drop-out rate in primary school is very high which condemns these children to poverty.

What we do

Our main duty in the area is to create and maintain school dining rooms. We serve 500 children in two schools each day. By offering  these children a balanced meal, at least once a day, we reduce malnutrition among them and help them develop normally. Moreover, the school dining rooms encourage children´s enrollment as quite often the only meal they get is the one at school.

Infancia desfavorecida Perú


If you wish to support the project please contact us at aulasabiertas@hotmail.com or make a donation at:

ABANCA: 2080 5077 91 30 40025749